St Bueno’s Update

5 Dec

At the moment not a lot is happening in the way of excavation at the well.  The last visit was last week when Martin and I uncovered what could well be a path that probably ran around the edge of the well.  This consisted of stones laid on top of a clay surface.  We can date this to around the 18th century because of the number of clay pipes (broken I hasten to add) and some slipware pottery.  Beneath the clay layer were some more bits of clay pipe, so we are pretty certain that the clay is not natural.  The same sort of pattern is in Trench I, although because of the very wet conditions no work has been done on Trench I.

As the trees have lost their leaves, and all the vegetation has died back, it has been possible to see a lot more features relating to the site.  In order for us to investigate these features properly I think it will be necessary to do a lot more clearance around the well.  Also, it is important to be able to put the well into proper context with St. Winifride’s and all the surrounding area.  To do this properly all the trees surrounding the well to the east, and south should be cleared.  This would provide a clear view down the hill to St. Winifride’s and across the River Dee.  To the south there are a lot of features and also the entire shape of the hillside needs looking at.  I have tried to contact Hywel of the BTCV to no avail, our secretary Julie has also tried.  She is now going to contact the BTCV directly.  Failing that, we could get permission from Transitions Towns Holywell to see if the Army Cadets could possibly help us.  Any more ideas?

We also have a bit of a problem with access at the moment.  The school has changed the locks on the school gates. (Nothing to do with the loss of the key I promise), and at the moment they only have keys for the staff.  The secretary has told me that she will do her best to get one for us, but at the moment we can only go during the week.  Unless anyone wants to brave the steps with the gear.

I am going to contact CWPT to see if they have access to LIDAR.  I think that this would be very useful to us to get a clearer picture of the well area.  They may be able to lend us the facilities to use it.In the meantime, we will attempt to go to the site every Thursday.  If another day would be more convenient for people, just let me know.

Please try to come to Wetherspoons on the 16th, we can all be sociable together.

Also, if you would like to come to Stonehenge in April, please book your room at the Travelodge, Amesbury.  The coach is booked and the more we can fill it, the cheaper it will be.


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  1. Debbie McTeer September 3, 2013 at 1:06 am #

    I am new to this and would love to do this>I am a 49yr old woman who has collected minerals and fosells since a child but never daughter a freelance photographer has found some bronze age sites freely available in this of any interest to you..?

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