Second installment

7 Jul



The next instalment from St. Bueno’s Well.

What an adventure we had finding it!  It felt as though we were trying to find lost Aztec temples in the rainforests of Central America at times fighting our way through the undergrowth.  We did find some interesting ruins but then we heard a hail from afar that the well was discovered.  My first reaction when we first beheld it was “oh gosh what have we let ourselves in for”, but after a couple of hours of hacking and ripping this reaction was modified to “perhaps”. Its fair to say that there is a lot of work to be done.  However, we have been promised the help of the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, so hopefully they will be able to help with the clearance work. 

Looking at the way the bushes have grown around the Well, I believe that they have been planted deliberately probably about 50 or so years ago which would fit with the departure of the Jesuit mission at St. Winifride’s Well.  Possibly therefore the Well was intentionally closed to pilgrims at this time.

There are several safety factors which need consideration when excavating such a site as this. We need ropes and planks – floorboards would be good if anyone has any lying about, also extreme care needs to be taken as the sides of the Well are quite steep and footing is uncertain. So exciting!!!!

There is a variety of pyramidal orchid growing in profusion around the site. These need digging up and moving out of the way, also I think we may have a family of badgers living in the vicinity of the ruins we discovered, so we need to find information on the life style of badgers as we don’t want to disturb them any more than is needful.

Attached are a couple of photos of the Well.

If you would want to come and visit and/or work with us directions are:

From the car park of St Winifride’s Roman Catholic Primary School.  Go in through the gates and across the playing fields to the left hand corner.  There is an open corner of the surrounding fence.  Follow the cleared path right, through the trees and over a little stony stream bed (dry).  The path is beaten through the grass and you should hear us.  If not shout and someone will come and guide you.


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